Information about GDPR

Personal Data Processing Information for Customers



Our business cooperation requires processing of your personal data.  In order to assure transparency of and compliance with applicable personal data protection laws, we enclose short information on how we process your data:


1. Data Controller and Data Protection Inspector


Inelo Polska Sp. z o.o. with a registered office at Bielsku-Białej 43-300, ul. Karpacka 24/U2b is the Data Controller of your personal data.

We have appointed our own Data Protection Inspector who can be contacted by regular mail at:  Data Protection Inspector, (address) Karpacka 24/U2b, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała, or by e-mail:


2. Types, Purpose, and Legal Grounds for Processing Personal Data


We can process your personal data for the following business reasons:

We may process the following types of personal data for the above listed purposes:

Processing personal data is necessary to carry out the above listed objectives, including contract performance or pre-contract and business introductory work.

We process your personal data in line with Art. 6 section. 1.a) (with your consent) or Art. 6 section 1. b) or f) of the General Personal Data Protection Regulation, that means whenever:


3. Access to Personal Data


We may allow the following entities access to your personal data for justified purposes only:


4. Data Retention Period


We will expunge your personal data from our system if further retaining them is no longer required for the original purpose(s) for which we first collected them and when the law no longer requires keeping them (e.g. tax laws) or if claims stemming from any concluded agreements  have become statute-barred.


 5. Your Rights


You have the right to:

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