06 Aug 2021

Category Part Two of the EC’s official explanation of the mobility package

The European Commission has published the second part of the official questions and answers on the interpretation of the mobility package provisions. The first part was made available on the official website of the European Commission in all official EU languages, including Polish, in February this year.


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17 Jun 2021


The newest version of TachoScan Control 6.5.2 is now available for download directly from our server at tachoscancontrol.com/en/download_/ or through the Update Manager.

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10 Jun 2021

Police Scotland to choose Tachoscan Control

The Scottish Police joins a wide group of European enforcement authorities that have appreciated the TachoScan Control software – an IT solution for controlling the settlement of drivers’ working time. It is already a 42nd enforcer in Europe to use the Inelo software.

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17 May 2021

INELO in the European Commission expert group on posting of drivers

The European Commission has set up an expert group on posting of drivers. Bartłomiej Zgudziak, INELO expert, was selected as a member of this group. 

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31 Mar 2021

The European Commission publishes tariff rates

The common classification of weights of infringements in scope of road transport is the next important step in the direction of consolidated and most importantly effective execution of international law in the European Union.

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