01 Чер 2023

International exchange of experience and good practices

For two days in May, Inelo headquarters had the pleasure of hosting inspectors from the Estonian Labor Inspectorate (Tööinspektsioon) and the Polish National Labor Inspectorate from Katowice. The outcome? International exchange of experience and good practices.

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01 Чер 2023

The most important event for European transport – Inelo conference dedicated for control authorities

130 participants, including representatives from 43 inspection agenciess, together with ministries and state authorities from 24 European countries, gathered during the second edition of the conference for control authorities organized by Inelo in cooperation with CORTE and the European Commission.

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05 Тра 2023

Diverse interpretations of regulations as the cause of high penalties for cabotage non-compliance

The TRACE 2 training workshops for control authorities conducted under CORTE’s leadership and attended by Inelo representatives have finished.

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25 Кві 2023

Mobility Package and Posting Drivers -Online Conference

New rules under the eye of enforcement authorities

On 23rd of May at 9.30 a.m. European Commission, Corte and Inelo Polska would like to invite you to a specially prepared online conference which will be entirely devoted to issues concerning the Mobility Package and Posting Drivers. New rules under the eye of enforcement authorities.

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06 Кві 2023


Вже доступна остання версія TachoScan Control 6.6.9, яку можна завантажити безпосередньо з нашого сервера за адресою: tachoscancontrol.com/uk/або через програмне забезпечення Update Manager.

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