16 Май 2024

Attention, bus drivers! As of 22 May this year, new regulations are coming into force

This is the first amendment to the EC Regulation no. 561/2006 since 2020, which was enforced by the mobility package at the time, concerning driving and rest times for drivers performing occasional passenger transport, both domestic and international.


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16 Май 2024

Long-Term Cooperation Results in Another Training

Inelo experts Małgorzata Pander and Mateusz Wloch trained Transport Malta inspectors who use TachoScan Control to control working time and potential tampering and to verify whether the proper tachographs are installed in truck cabins.


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18 Апр 2024

Key role of IT in ensuring road safety

Swiss Police Information Technology Congress (SPIK) has just finished. This important annual event attracts hundreds of participants and shows how important IT solutions are for the police forces sector.

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15 Май 2024

What should you know about tachograph errors?

As increased demands emerge for drivers’ working time monitoring and tachograph complexity is on the raise, transportation and logistics companies are facing new challenges.

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11 Апр 2024

Delayed implementation of OSNMA technology in tachographs – what does this mean for the carrier?

Members and Observers of the European Commission’s Group of Experts on the Smart Tachograph have been informed of a new deadline for the possible implementation of OSNMA technology in smart tachographs.

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