23 Dec 2020

Merry Christmas

We would like to take this opportunity in wishing you Merry Christmas. May peace, prosperity and happiness be yours throughout the holidays and New Year.

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16 Dec 2020

Official explanations of the European Commission regarding the Mobility Package

The European Commission has published official clarifications on the Mobility Package, in the form of questions and answers, which are to help carriers, drivers and enforcement authorities in the correct application of the new regulations.

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20 Aug 2020


Today, the latest version of TachoScan Control 6.3.0 was made available and can be downloaded from our server at: tachoscancontrol.com/en/download/

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04 Aug 2020

The Mobility Package published in the Official Journal of the European Union – we know the exact dates the new regulations become effective

Today, on July 31, the new regulations of the Mobility Package were officially published. This means that in just 20 days, the changed rules regarding driving and rest times will become effective!

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10 Jun 2020

Another voting round on the mobility package completed

Voting remotely today, the TRAN Commission has approved the mobility package without any modifications.  Now, in line with the EU-approved plan, the bill will go to vote at the European Parliament.  The vote is expected to take place during the July plenary session to be held between July 8 and 10.


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