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DSRC Module

TachoScan Control DSRC is a new module of TachoScan Control software, allowing to read, analyze and visualize all 19 RTM parameters set forth in the Commission Implementig Regulation (EU) 2016/799 Annex 1C and made available by smart tachographs. Additionally, 6 new RTM parameters related to driving time will be added starting from August 2023.


The module can be activated on a computer, allowing to read, visualize and analyze data from DSRC antennas, regardless of where they are installed (on a vehicle, a stand or a gantry). It allows for communication with most DSRC antennas available in the market. A single DSRC antenna is accessed by one TachoScan Control DSRC module at a time (point-to-point connection). Data transmitted between a DSRC antenna and the module is encrypted and can be read and displayed in a TachoScan Control DSRC module with a second generation inspection card (G2).


Due to the introduction of the new smart tachographs (G2V2), 6 new RTM parameters will become available as from August 2023 to show infringements of driving time (continuous, daily, weekly, 2-weekly). It will allow inspectors not only to detect manipulation but also infringements through the DSRC communication, which sends information from the tachograph in a fraction of a second. These new parameters will give a possibility of much better and more precise preselection of trucks that should be stopped for roadside checks.




DSRC-RP Antenna



A radio device that can read data from the DSRC module installed (internally or externally) in smart tachographs. Allows for exchanging data with other control devices that collect information from smart tachographs. Communication with such devices is possible via Bluetooth.


DSRC High Speed Car Set – for reading data from cars moving at high speeds, with optional installation on a car or a stand.





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