11 Apr 2024

Delayed implementation of OSNMA technology in tachographs – what does this mean for the carrier?

Members and Observers of the European Commission’s Group of Experts on the Smart Tachograph have been informed of a new deadline for the possible implementation of OSNMA technology in smart tachographs.


The authorization of these mechanisms has once again been postponed and will most likely take place in June this year. Initially, the OSNMA mechanism was to be implemented in tachographs as early as August 2023.


What is OSNMA?


OSNMA (Open Service Navigation Message Authentication) is an authentication mechanism that will allow GNSS receivers to verify whether the navigation message they receive actually comes from the system’s satellites, thus providing users with better reliability of the determined positions, which is very important in the case of tachographs, since tachograph time calibration can be carried out from the GNSS position time, while the positions can be used to verify potential tampering or rest locations, among other things.


How much time do manufacturers have to implement this technology in tachographs?


According to Implementing Regulation (EU) 2023/980, transitional tachographs (without OSNMA) may be installed in vehicles first registered until 31 May 2024, or until five months after the date of the OSNMA service declaration, whichever date is later. In this case, since the OSNMA declaration date will be in June, tachograph manufacturers will have until the end of the year to implement this technology in tachographs.


What does this mean for carriers?


Carriers need not fear this delay. Currently, the so-called “transitional tachographs” (G2V2) are being installed in new vehicles, in accordance with the legislation. The only difference between them and the target tachographs is the lack of an OSNMA position authentication function. It is expected that the addition of OSNMA functions to current tachographs will be possible by updating them in a workshop in the future. However, such an update will not be mandatory.

Important! Delaying the implementation of OSNMA technology does not affect the upcoming deadlines for replacing tachographs in international transport. We reminded you about the replacement of tachographs in the last news: https://tachoscancontrol.com/en/aktualnosci/the-european-commission-reminds-about-tachograph-replacement/

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