25 Кві 2023

Mobility Package and Posting Drivers -Online Conference

New rules under the eye of enforcement authorities

On 23rd of May at 9.30 a.m. European Commission, Corte and Inelo Polska would like to invite you to a specially prepared online conference which will be entirely devoted to issues concerning the Mobility Package and Posting Drivers. New rules under the eye of enforcement authorities.

During the webinar, the experts from European Commission, Corte, and Inelo will cover the following topics:


09:30 Start

09:45 Overview of the mobility package

10:15 New version of second-generation smart tachographs

10:45 DSRC remote tachograph inspections

11:15 Posting of drivers Part I

11:45 Lunch Break

12:15 Posting of driver Part II

12:45 Statistics and summaries of previous inspections in the field of posting of drivers/mobility package.

13:15 Overview of instructions and key support links/materials in terms of inspections.

13:45 Any Other Business/ Q&A

14:00 End


Małgorzata Pander (Inelo)

Michał Franczyk (Inelo)

Piotr Żółty (Inelo)

Bartłomiej Zgudziak (Inelo)

Ewa Ptaszyńska (European Commission)

Romain Durand (European Commission)

Rémy Russotto (Corte)



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