30 Sep 2016

The group of inspections using TachoScan Control continues to increase.

We inform with pleasure that after positive recommendation from The Customs and Excise Agency, also the Inspectorate of Labour and Mines decided to purchase TachoScan Control.

In comparison with comparable systems, our program was recognized as the best tool for enforcement authorities controlling drivers’ working time.

At present 27 enforcement authorities from 12 countries use TachoScan Control:


  • POLAND – Road Transport Inspection, National Labour Inspectorate, Border Guards, Customs Chamber, Police
  • GERMANY – Road Transport Inspectorate (BAG)
  • ROMANIA– Road Transport Inspectorate ISCTR and ARR
  • CZECH REPUBLIC– Police, Customs Chamber in Czech Republic, Voivodship Office
  • LITHUANIA – Road Transport Inspection (VKTI), Labour Inspection
  • LATVIA – Road Transport Inspection (Autotransporta inspekcija), Police, Riga City Council – Traffic Department
  • ESTONIA – Police, Labour Inspection,
  • GREAT BRITAIN – Police, Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA)
  • THE NETHERLANDS – Road Transport Inspection (ILenT ), Police
  • LUXEMBOURG – Customs Inspection (Administration des Douanes et Accises), Inspectorate of Labour and Mines
  • SLOVAKIA – Police
  • SLOVENIA – Police, Road Transport Inspection
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