23 May 2018

The new version of TachoScan Control 4.0.7

Today the latest version of TachoScan Control 4.0.7 was released and can be downloaded from our server at the following address: tachoscancontrol.com/en/download_/

The following significant changes were introduced in the new release:


  • The program has been extended to include analysis of the risk of loosing good repute or loss of license in accordance with the Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/403 of 18 March 2016. With this function, the program will calculate and display the average number of serious infringements per driver in the controlled company, which will significantly accelerate the work of inspectors conducting checks in companies.
  • A new function of comparing the data from the driver card with data from the digital tachograph was introduced. It ensures detection of missing data and related irregularities in the work of drivers and transport companies. Indicated data gaps allow to quickly determine the periods not read from driver cards and tachographs, and also enable quick detection of illegal use of other drivers’ driver cards and vehicles.
  • The software was supplemented with the analysis of engine RPM profiles saved in “S” files from VDO tachographs in the “RPM Profiles” section. This option enables comparing the engine rpm with driving times on particular days, which significantly increases the  possibilities of detecting manipulation without the need to manually analyse the tachograph printouts.
  • A new manipulation warning was added that, based on the tachograph data, automatically detects the situations in which two driver cards with the same number but different names were used.
  • Opening digital files archived in 7z, ZIP, ARZ formats was enabled which eliminates the time needed to unpack digital files from the archive before uploading them into the program.
  • For the British DVSA, as part of an individual project, automatic connection to the European TachoNET network was introduced, which will allow inspectors to check information on the validity and status of the cards held by drivers.

List of changes >>>


If you are upgrading from version 3.x or lower during the first run of the latest version, automatic activation to the latest version of the program is performed, so it is recommended to do the first run of the latest version with an active Internet connection. If the Internet connection is not available you will need to contact our service department for manual activation.


If you have problems updating or activating the program, please contact the service department at +48 33 496 58 72 or at: support@inelo.pl.


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